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Press Release

ICT Vision 2020

The SACF has identified key issues in ICT Policy and Regulations on which SACF can be a thought leader.  SACF will take an advocacy role and become a champion for ICT Vision 2020 and the reform of the regulatory process. In addition SACF will regularly make inputs, comments and submissions on any regulations, policy and legislation that have impact on our industry.

ICT VISION 2020 is an inclusive programme aimed at developing a roadmap for the development of the industry towards 2020.  Development of ICT Vision 2020 includes: agreement by the Government and industry on key goals and targets to be achieved by 2020; identification of challenges and bottlenecks and agreement as to how these will be addressed; short term projects for immediate advancement; and commitment to creating an enabling environment legislatively and otherwise to achieve the targets set.

ICT Vision 2020 requires a high level of engagement and dialogue between the industry associations and Government and continuous efforts by the associated Working Groups that have been established until ICT Vision 2020 is drafted, agreed and launched.  This process is expected to be completed before the end of 2010 and once complete, focus will then shift to monitoring the implementation of the targets set.
ICT Vision 2020 was successfully launched in 2009 by Minister Nyanda at an industry forum hosted by SACF.  The Minister has pledged to work closely with SACF in the development of ICT Vision 2020.