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Press Release

International Partners

The SACF in partnership with the Korea Information Technology International Cooperation Agency (KIICA) hosted the first Annual Korea-South Africa ICT Business Forum.   

The purpose of the forum was to promote greater cooperation between Korean and South African ICT Sector, to provide valuable opportunities to promote partnerships between Korean and South African ICT.       The Forum’s objectives were to enhance the understanding of both countries ICT industry and provide an opportunity for exchanging resources and information.  The SACF further facilitated the signing of an MOU between the Ministries of both Countries.

A collaboration or partnership between the Presidential National Commission on Information Society and Development (PNC on ISAD) in South Africa and the Finnish Information Society and Development Agency (TIEKE) was established.  The South African Communications Forum (SACF) was identified as the lead organising body for the South African sector and the SACF has signed a memorandum of understanding with TIEKE to:

  • To create a PPP-forum in SA with organization both public and private and initiate institutional collaboration between Finland, TIEKE and South Africa, SACF.
  • Identify the priority areas to develop the information society in a sustainable and inclusive way.
  • Develop guidelines and action plans for the development of   Information Society.
  • Share the South African Information Society building with the African