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Press Release

Board of Directors

Braithwaite-Kabosha, Loren - Chairperson
Makhaye, Muzi - Deputy Chairperson 
Netshitenzhe, Takalani - (Vodacom)
Mashisane, Moses - (MTN)
Madyibi, Siyabonga - (Microsoft)
Zhang, Jacky - (Huawei)
Tshongweni, Mongezi - (Internet Solutions)
Makhofane, Shiletsi - (Ericsson)
Sibler, Mike - (Liquid Telecoms)
Houvet, Charmaine - (Cisco)
Stewart, Theresa - (Altron)
Mgwili-Sibanda, Fortune (Google SA)
Masilela, Lucky - (ZACR)
Nkhereanye, Phatang - (Broadband Infraco)
Msimang, Mandla - (Pygma Consulting)
Risiba, Valencia - (Smile Communications)

Our forum

SACF is a membership organization that represents the interests of its members. Members enjoy equal rights within Forum and are free to share their ideas, opinions and approaches to bridging the digital divide and the creation of an Information Society while remaining an independent and autonomous organisation.

SACF is a member driven Forum where:
•    Members share knowledge on innovation and best practices
•    Partnerships are formed to implement programmes
•    Strengths are combined to mobilize resources
•    Strategic alliances are built for the future


The SACF is governed by a Board of Directors of the Section 21 Company. The Board is made up of members as represented in different categories and meets four times a year. In addition the SACF has three committees of the board namely:  Policy and regulatory, Training and development, Membership and Outreach.


About us

The South African Communications Forum NPC (SACF) is a non-Profit industry association which was formed in 2001. The SACF is a successor of the African Telecommunications Forum (ATF) established in 1993. The SACF is a membership organisation and a representative forum of all the stakeholders in the South African ICT sector.

SACF brings together the Public Sector, Private sector and civil society organisations with a goal of Building partnership in bridging the digital divide and create an Information Society.   



Unleashing the power of the SA ICT industry to create the most enabling ecosystem for a universally connected and prosperous South Africa



To be the credible, nationally supported umbrella industry platform, That serves, promotes and protects the interest of SACF members and other ICT associations,
To enable the achievement of Vision 2020 and other initiatives,
To create an innovative and globally competitive ICT Industry,
To accelerate national development, by proactively engaging the government and all other stakeholders.


To become the unifying platform of the ICT sector
To be instrumental in developing the appropriate policy and regulatory ecosystem
To provide thought leadership through research and development
To coordinate the development of ICT human capital
To promote ICT as a means for socio-economic development 

To further transformation in the ICT sector